Frequently Asked Questions

Is Heavenly Confections licensed and insured?

Yes, Heavenly Confections is licensed, insured and follows all NYS rules and regulations. Our macarons are baked in a commercial kitchen in Albany, NY.

Do you have a storefront?

Unfortunately, Heavenly Confections does not currently have a storefront. We run a pick up/delivery-based business only.

How do your variety boxes work?

On the first of every month we update our website with all the new information for that month’s variety box – including flavors. We bake bi-weekly and the website will have posted the two options for dates macarons will be available that month. Click the Variety Boxes tab on our website for more information and to fill out a short form to be added to the reservation list. 

Where would I pick up my macarons if you don’t have a storefront?

Great news! Effective June 6th, 2020 we will now be offering a secondary pick up location in Albany and will also keep the existing pick up location in Clifton Park. There will be two pick up blocks each month for each week the macarons become available (location sent to you by message on the Thursday prior to your selected reservation date).

How far do you deliver?

We recently changed our delivery guidelines and now offer free delivery within 5 miles, $5 fee within 10 miles, and a $10 fee within 20 miles of a specific address in Clifton Park. Anything outside of the 20-mile range will be charged $0.25 per mile. If you are interested in delivery, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to discuss that with you!

I missed the variety boxes deadline but really want some macarons, what can I do!?

Sadly, once the variety boxes are sold out – they’re sold out. It never hurts to ask us first (text/message on FB/email) because sometimes we have some extras! But you can also place a custom order for any past variety box flavor or classic flavor, which must be ordered by the dozen.

Can I place a custom order?

Absolutely! Visit the Custom Order tab on my website and fill out a short form to let us know what you’re interested in (from a dozen macarons just for you, to hundreds for an event).

Are macarons gluten free/allergen friendly?

Yes! Macarons are gluten free because they are made with almond flour. However, they contain other allergens including tree nuts, eggs, and dairy. Our macarons are also processed in a kitchen that regularly processes gluten, peanuts and other allergens. We recommend contacting us for specific ingredients if there are allergy concerns.